After all how to grow on Youtube and be more recommended Every day by Youtube algorithms?

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Some important considerations to get results on Youtube

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Who is the Complete Youtubers Portal recommended for?

People who want to succeed on YouTube as content creators or to boost their business and monetize their channels. Also for anyone who wants to learn about traffic and digital marketing on YouTube and increase engagement on their videos.

Gato Coins offers unique software to increase engagement on your YouTube videos. By installing the software, you earn “coins”, a virtual currency within the platform, which are discounted when someone views your videos, generating engagement. The more coins you have, the more engagement you can generate.

Additionally, you can customize the engagement settings to your preferences, such as choosing whether or not you want to receive personalized subscriptions, likes, and comments. This increases trust and credibility in your content.

Gato Coins offers 24/7 support with videos, answers to member and customer questions, and a complete course with exclusive answers. All this to ensure success in your journey on YouTube or other platforms. Make your purchase and immediately receive a simple step-by-step with less than 10 lessons to get started.

Daniela's Testimony

Artificial Intelligence integrated into the System

With Portal Gato Coins, you have access to a series of artificial intelligence tools that will revolutionize your content creation! With our Free Image Bank, AI My Searches, Free Video Bank, Hashtag Generator, AI Idea Generator, AI Tag Generator, AI Title Generator, AI Generate SEO, AI Generate Youtube Tags, AI Thumbnail Idea and Ad Ideas Google Ads, you have everything you need to grow on YouTube like never before. In addition, you will have access to a real smart copywriter, who will help you write persuasive and impactful information. Don’t waste any more time, subscribe to the Gato Coins Portal now and give your career a definite boost!

See the preview of the functionality in the Video

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See how it works in the video below.

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  • Smart Hashtag Generator
  • AI-powered Unprecedented Image Creator
  • AI Anti-Plagiarism Content Rewriter
  • Script Creator, Complete Video Script with Insights – AI
  • Video Idea Generator
  • Perfect Title Generator for Youtube
  • Smart Tag Generator
  • Complete SEO Generator for Videos
  • Ad Generator for Google Ads Youtube Ads
  • Smart Thumbnail Idea Generator
  • Bank with Millions of Free Images
  • Generation history and content with artificial intelligence
  • Image Search History
  • Many Smart Tools being integrated

Includes smart software to grow your project on the Internet After all, what are coins?

After all, what are coins?​

With Gato coins software, it is very easy to increase engagement on your YouTube videos. Just install our unique software and start shooting videos. When you use the Gato coins system, you earn “coins”, which are a kind of virtual currency within the platform. When someone goes through your videos on YouTube, your balance in “coins” is deducted, thus generating engagement in exchange for “coins”. This means that the more “coins” you have, the more engagement you can generate on your videos.

Also, with Gato coins software, you can customize the engagement settings according to your preferences. For example, you can choose whether or not you want to receive subscribers to your videos, whether or not you want to receive likes, and even customize the comments you want to receive. This is very helpful to ensure the results are exactly what you want and to increase the trust and credibility of your content.

With Gato coins, you can leverage the power of exposure and engagement to drive your channel’s success on YouTube or other platforms. Also, as the platform is 100% online, you can count on real people watching your videos 24 hours a day, which can be very beneficial to increase views and engagement in your content. Therefore, if you want to grow your channel on YouTube or other platforms, Gato coins is the right choice for you!

Don't worry if you don't know how to use it.

When you make your purchase you will immediately receive a quick step by step with less than 10 lessons teaching everything you need to get started. 

But calm down, that’s not all, we have much more information inside,

The platform has videos, answers questions based 100% on questions from our members and customers on the platform.

All the problems you think you’re the only one who went through it but you’re not the only one. Generally speaking, we have already had a customer with a similar problem or the exact same problem or doubt that you have and we have already recorded a video explaining in detail how to do each of the steps.

It has a complete course with exclusive answers to questions related to Gato coins within the platform itself. and anyone can access the method. 

Just access, browse the modules and find your doubt and watch it within the platform.


With the growing demand for a more complete and personalized user experience, we have just launched a new section on our website: the image search. Now you can easily find the perfect images to complement your creations, whether they are for personal purposes or professionals.

Our database is constantly updated with the latest and most impressive images, allowing you to find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. Plus, our smart search delivers accurate results, saving you time and making the experience even easier and more enjoyable.

With the new image search section, you can find high-quality, professional images to elevate your work even further. Whether for a personal project, a work presentation or a website design, our database is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Don’t waste any more time looking for the perfect image. Take advantage of our new image search section right now and upgrade your creations!”

An Unlimited Image Bank is millions of copyright-free images for you to use as you wish in your content.

“Gato coins is the perfect platform for content creators to increase reach and interaction with their channels! With a 100% online system, you can have real people watching your videos 24 hours a day and receive engagements, views, retention and new subscribers.

Below you can view the Community Engagements in real time

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, Gato coins is the solution! With our membership platform, you can harness the power of exposure to attract more followers and comments/likes on your videos.

In the photo below you can see firsthand how the current appearance of the portal is.

I will try to explain a little of the main logic of the Portal Gato coins system

For those who have or want to create one or more channels on YouTube and are looking for views with high retention and engagement and a good click-through rate for their videos to object through this, growth, recommendation by algorithms, like, comments and even subscribers. 


The community is designed to work automatically without your manual action after programming it once, you can leave it minimized and go to work quietly while it accumulates the score that will be exchanged for hours watched in your videos

It helps with channel recommendation, helps with growth, increases watch time (watched hours), increases the number of subscribers and also the CTR (click-through rate), but the goal was never to get subscribers and every subscriber you receive in the community will be a bonus.


After a while, YouTube’s algorithms start recommending you more to more people, which consequently makes your video start to work much earlier than usual.


Another very cool thing that you will find within the community is an exclusive Portal of Online Courses where you will have access to top updated information on how to earn using your Youtube channels or simply learn how to improve their performance in a professional way.

There are several courses that you can attend whenever you want or if you want to, of course. but they will always open your mind to new horizons and ways to earn on the Internet.

Below you have more information about Portal Gato Coins

Some testimonials from platform users.

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Gato coins is the perfect platform for content creators who want to increase reach and interaction with their online channels. With our membership platform, you can count on real people watching your videos 24/7 and getting engagements, views, retention and new subscribers. Furthermore, Gato coins is more than just a platform to increase your video views. It’s a community of content creators helping each other grow and reach new heights of success. If you want to grow your channel on YouTube or other platforms, Gato coins is the right choice for you!

I needed something new to help my students

When I thought of creating the Gato coins platform, my biggest challenge was to create something that did not yet exist or at least that did not have the “problems” that platforms similar to this one have! so I needed to create:

a fair system, from a community of youtubers

a functional and simple to use system, once configured just let it run

an automagic system 

that depends on humans without them having to make an effort

With that in mind, I designed the Gato coins platform taking into account all my experience on YouTube and my knowledge of the platform and the growth requirements within it.

Gato coin is a website (online platform) protected by login and password where you will have access to initiation classes to learn how to use and develop using mutual help (on autopilot)

Youtube platform needs real people watching videos all the time to maintain its profits, the most relevant item for a channel to be successful is high retention views! if there are people on youtube then the platform is winning… and with that in mind I created Gato coins.

High retention views

Real Brazilian people watching your video with good retention of up to 1 hour depending on the video size

people logged into youtube from different locations, different IP addresses

Gaining engagement on your channel 

100% online and automatic

Don’t need a strong computer

No manual actions required once configured

It is not possible to cheat

No need to stare at the screen 

Works in the background

can be turned off at any time

you get the views of real people even with the pc turned off

A few more reports.

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Really discover how Youtube works to avoid the main mistakes that keep your channel from growing.

You will also have access to exclusive techniques taught in the courses offered within the platform. 

There you can find everything from entrepreneurship, cooking, homemade courses to advanced digital marketing courses, such as paid traffic, google, paid traffic, facebook and much more.

With exclusive tips and instructional videos made by people who really do YouTube every day, the community is the perfect portal to grow on the internet and generate income from digital marketing.

You also take an Online Content Portal with you to learn to undertake whether on the internet or at home, what matters is that you will learn new ways to make money

In addition to offering a members platform to increase the reach and interaction of its online channels, Gato coins also has an internal portal full of online courses, downloads and materials to complement its users’ results. These resources are ideal for those who want to deepen their knowledge and expand their skills as a content creator, thus ensuring even more significant growth in their channels. If you are looking for a platform that offers more than just exposure for your videos, Gato coins is the right choice for you! With our community of content creators and the unique features of our in-house portal, you can have all the support and guidance you need to succeed online.

Recovering the Investment and using the platform for free and still earning extra!

We provide the complete step by step on how you can use the power of the Gato coins community to profit from it. 


We have developed a special course that will enable you to earn to use the Gato coins community. and still be able to enjoy all the benefits and updates 100% for free because your investment will be paid back quickly with these exclusive techniques taught inside and with frequent updates.

All of the benefits below can be yours when you join today.

To check if the benefit you are interested in is included in any plan, please enter the official page of Gato coins plans here

Comunidade Gato coins is a Hotmart subscription, which can be canceled at any time without any problems in your hotmart account.

Imagine the infinite possibilities of being able to receive comments from real people from all over Brazil and the world, and still be able to customize them according to your preferences! This is what Gato coins offers its members. With our platform, you can count on real people watching your videos 24 hours a day and leaving personalized comments that can increase the trust and credibility of your content. Also, by choosing which comments are displayed on your videos, you can control the type of interaction you receive and ensure that it is positive and constructive, which can be very beneficial for your channel growth. With Gato coins, the possibilities are endless to increase the engagement and success of your online channel!

By becoming a member of Gato Coins, you will have the incredible advantage of customizing and curating the comments displayed on your videos. With this, you can create personalized engagement and increase the social proof of your content, which will drive even more engagement and potentially snowball your channel. Selecting the comments displayed will increase the trust and credibility of your content, which can result in more views, subscribers, and overall engagement. In addition, by having control over the comments displayed, you can ensure that the interaction with your followers is always positive and constructive, which is essential for the growth and success of your channel.


Smart Growth Community for Channels

Our Gato Coins Community has already helped Thousands of Channels to Engage on Youtube and achieve the Monetization requirements, as well as made many already large stagnant channels to be recommended by Youtube again.

Retention - Register your videos and receive retention

System totally focused on helping the community without exchanging technical engagement, that is, you do not receive views from those you helped.


Designed to work automatically 24 hours a day, it increases the number of clicks on videos via youtube searches and increases channel viewing time, making it more naturally suggested


With a Local Currency system that allows only people who really let the system work to help others to get help.

Automation Application

Don't worry if you don't know how to use it.

 All community members have access to our Automation app that WORKS 24 HOURS a day on automatic if needed

CTR CTR click - through rate - Increased click-through rate of videos

It has a system that allows you to receive human clicks on your videos

Every Gato Coin website was designed to help grow the YouTube channel through organic ways.

You receive human engagements, clicks on the cover of the video in searches and organic recommendation via blog.

Growing and learning more and more

The Gato Coins community now has exclusive internal courses for members where you will learn all the secrets of the world of digital marketing in one place and have countless ideas for ways to undertake on the internet


We teach how to use the resources of the community in the best possible way and we also provide dozens of auxiliary courses for the learning of the community member.

Smart Rodizio - Designed to show your videos to those who haven't seen them

The system chooses videos intelligently, avoiding repeating videos for the same person
. Everyone is able to watch videos 24 hours a day if they want and always different videos.
The Gato Coin community helps your channel grow by bringing up to 100% video retention from people who are different from each other, all of them real and human logged into valid accounts.
It is not necessary, for example, to watch videos logged into your main channel, everyone can change the channel to a secondary one and receive views normally on the channel they want


Some courses within the community teach you how to get 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers faster to get better results on Youtube

With Gato coins, it’s very easy to register your videos on YouTube to receive engagement and exposure. All you have to do is paste your YouTube video link and customize the settings as per your preferences. You can choose whether or not you want to receive subscribers to this video, whether or not you want to receive likes, and even customize the comments you want to receive. In addition, Gato coins allows you to customize comments according to a specific video, which can be very useful to increase engagement and interaction in your content. With this feature, you can harness the power of exposure and engagement to drive your YouTube channel’s success.

A little more about Comunidade Gato coins

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Below you have some reports about the Portal Comunidade Gato coins

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With constant exclusive updates,
the Gato coins portal community has
numerous updates, differentiated and direct support
to help answer all your questions during the process
of using the system. 
Basically you will have access to a portal where you can
register videos from any of your channels and you will need to
earn Internal Coins to receive engagements
these engagements in turn will come from
human and real members spread across Brazil and the world.
We have thousands of members watching
videos, commenting and engaging with their channels 24
hours a day.



Do I need to keep clicking on videos, liking, commenting, subscribing? DO NOT.

With Gato coins, you don’t have to worry about manually clicking and watching videos to generate engagement. The system has been programmed to do this intelligently and automatically, without your manual action. All you need to do is configure the settings according to your preferences and hit play on the software. After that, you can use your computer normally for other activities while the Gato coins system works in the background, watching videos and automatically generating engagement.

With this feature, you can save a lot of time and effort on increasing engagement on your videos on YouTube or other platforms. In addition, as the system is fully automated, you can rely on it 24 hours a day, which can be very beneficial to constantly increase views and engagement on your content. Therefore, if you want to grow your channel on YouTube or other platforms automatically and efficiently, Gato coins is the right choice for you!

With Gato coins, you don’t run the risk of losing your YouTube channel or losing your chance of monetization. On the contrary, thousands of members have already managed to quickly grow their channels and monetize them with our platform. This is due to the fact that our engagement is done in different locations in Brazil and the world by machines and human people who are all logged into valid accounts and engaging with videos in a natural way. That way, you won’t be getting any kind of fake engagements or any other kind of suspicious engagements, but views from real humans.

It is important to emphasize that, in order to use Gato coins, it is necessary to agree with the terms of use of the site. By following the rules of the platform, you guarantee that you are using the system correctly and that you are not at risk of having problems with YouTube or with monetization.

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More views for new and old channels

If you increase the views and, consequently, the audience retention, your channel starts to be more recommended and appears to more and more people on the web

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SPECIAL OFFER You can also access all these specials below for Free

Choose one of the Plans below that best suits you to start in the community.


Super Plans












You can choose other plans to be part of Portal Gato coins , you will guarantee incredible bonuses and access to several professional courses within the platform, which is now a complete portal.

The service offered on this page is billed on a recurring basis through a subscription, which is carried out automatically by the Hotmart platform. It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel the subscription if they no longer wish to receive charges. Cancellation can be carried out at any time, without any problems, directly on the Hotmart platform. It is important to remember that failure to cancel the subscription will result in future charges, and the customer will be responsible for paying these charges. There is no grace period for canceling the subscription.

The consumer protection code (Art. 49) guarantees 7 days to request a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the product. We are so confident in our studies and research that we give you a 7-day unconditional guarantee!


It is a 100% online platform used by Youtubers and Entrepreneurs to learn and specialize in Online monetization. As for Youtubers, the Platform has an exclusive system of mutual help, 100% online and automated, which makes their YouTube channels more recommended and, therefore, obtain spontaneous and natural growth.

After completing the payment, you will receive 2 emails with the login and password of the Gato coins platform and another with the hotmart members area where the operation and how to use the platform will be explained.

You can start seeing results in learning extremely quickly… Within days of starting. The more you make this a part of your daily routine, the faster you’ll get the results you want.

The contracted time varies according to the plan. and all plans start counting the time from the moment the payment is confirmed. It is the responsibility of the Community Member to use the system in any way he can, whether to learn with courses available within, or to download numerous items available within the community or to grow Youtube channels with the Gato coins system included within the community.

What the Gato coins community portal system does on the YouTube part is to show your video to real human people, logged into valid Google accounts, these people will search for the title of your video in Youtube searches and will choose to click exactly on your video, then they will comment, something, give likes, subscribe according to their personalization. this increases engagement and also your potential for growth on the platform.
Regarding YouTube channel exclusion decisions, they are directly linked to the platform’s policies, which are constantly changing. The Gato Coins community cannot be held responsible for this because your channel can be excluded for thousands of reasons and this never happened because of the community, on the contrary. channels just happened to start growing after use.

the terms of the gato coins community are present in

The guarantee for withdrawal of purchase is 7 days. 
What we guarantee is that if you use the system correctly, you will have the standard results of the platform, which is to make your video appear to different people every day, receive engagements according to the configuration according to the use of other members of the community. it is always recommended to use according to the tutorials.

Earning coins and growing on YouTube is NOT compatible with cell phones due to technical limitations on cell phones. Only online courses and content can be downloaded to cell phones.

This website is not affiliated with Facebook or any Facebook entity. Once you leave Facebook, it’s not their responsibility, it’s our website’s. We make every effort to clearly state and show all product proofs and use actual results. We do not sell your email address or any information to third parties. We never do any kind of spam. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact link and contact us during business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We read and respond to all messages on a first-come, first-served basis.


The sale of Comunidade Gato coins can only be carried out through this website, registered in the name of Ev Negócios Digitais LTDA. Any other site where you find this program is a FAKE and is against the law. Avoid counterfeits and refuse illegal or pirated content. DO NOT purchase similar programs that do not have the quality of teaching that will help you on your journey to success in digital marketing with ebook sales. We are not responsible for purchases made on other sites.

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All rights reserved. CNPJ 16.985.787/0001-28

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